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Mirage Micro™


Brand ResMed
SKU: 16333

The latest generation nasal mask from ResMed provides personalized fit, seal and comfort for more users. Working with the proven Mirage dual-wall cushion, the mask's unique MicroFit dial fine-tunes the fit to suit each individual user. Intuitive and easy to use, the Mirage Micro is the new benchmark in nasal masks. The UPDATED Mirage Micro (with blue clips) features an innovative vent design that reduces noise. Located on the elbow for easy cleaning and disassembly, the diffuse vents are designed to disperse air quietly and softly, at a short distance, away from the bed partner. The elbow partition also aids CO2 washout and further reduces noise.

Because many smaller people are beginning to see the benefits of CPAP/BiLevel therapy the Mirage Micro is available with two frame sizes, a SMALL frame (with small cushion) for more petite users and a STANDARD frame (with medium, large, largwide or extralarge cushions) for average and larger users. In addition the Mirage Micro's vent and elbow designs mean it is 52% quieter than the ultra-popular Ultra Mirage II nasal mask. You'll be amazed at how quiet a CPAP/BiLevel mask can be.

The Mirage Micro comes with ResMed's Adjustable Breathe-O-Prene Headgear. Breathe-O-Prene fabric actually whisks moisture away from the face rather than collecting it so that the material stays dry and comfortable during use.

Features & Benefits

  • Micro Makes Fit Easy
    MicroFit dial allows for up to 24 precise adjustments of the forehead support, setting the mask at the most comfortable position
  • Proven Seal
    Mirage™ dual-wall cushion technology reduces pressure on the nasal bridge and seals effectively
  • A Winning Combination
    As you adjust the dial to your profile, the cushion works to seal effectively, so there is no need to over-tighten the headgear
  • Frame Improvements
    Deep mask frame design accommodates a greater range of nasal structures. Two frame sizes (small and standard) mean that a wider range of users can feel comfortable and "well fit" with the Mirage Micro
  • Quiet Performance
    An array of small, built-in vents diffuses air gently and quietly. The Mirage Micro is 52% quieter than the Ultra Mirage II
  • Clear Field of Vision
    Slender forehead support is unobtrusive and feels light on the face
  • Set-and-forget headgear Clips
    Retain optimal headgear settings and are easy to attach and detach
  • Easy Release Swivel
    Offers a convenient way to connect and disconnect air tubing
  • One-handed Adjustment
    There's no need to take off your mask to use the MicroFit dial. You can simply adjust the dial with one hand while wearing the mask, and even while lying down
  • Breathe-O-Prene Headgear
    Soft, lightweight headgear is adjustable and whisks moisture away from the face

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